Adozione a distanza

Distance Adoption

365 days a year for 100 children is the distance support that the association Friends of Africa serves as a goal for all individuals, families, institutions or companies that want to help the shelter of peace NATITINGOU. 
20 euro per month will cover part of the costs necessary to the satisfaction of the basic needs of each child's daily nutrition, dressing, medical care, access to school. 

To enable adoption: 
- Send by mail to Amici dell'Africa, via Italia 4, 20020 Cesate (MI) Italy 
- Call Davide Colombo +39 3356298937
- Write an email to 

Distance Adoption of the inhabitants of a community

Our association supports the adoption of the Community. We believe that to achieve sustainable development and sound is essential to grow the community as a whole on all fronts (education, health, nutrition). 
The structures that we produce are available to the entire community without discrimination. 
Promoting the overall development and harmonious whole village will certainly avoid discrimination that, in situations of great need such as those in which we operate, we believe could become a landmark for all. 
The funds raised through these donations will then be used in the construction of installations, structures, equipment, and activities aimed at improving the living conditions of all the members of the different communities. 
If you want to make the adoption, please contact us by e-mail: and we'll give you all the necessary instructions.