Chi siamo

The association Friends of Africa A.D.A. non-profit organization was born from the desire to not passively stand by and watch what happens in the world, but rather to give a concrete and direct aid to the poor , the marginalized and the most vulnerable. For us it is vital to restore confidence in the solidarity , showing that with a few well- managed funds can help entire communities. The cornerstone of our aid is to be allocated to those who need it 100% the same, without wasting resources in organized structures with offices , secretariats, etc. ... We are volunteers and non-professional cooperation and invest a bit ' of our leisure time and our resources to what we believe .

We are a group of friends , we believe that taking care of those who are weaker , children, help to build a stronger future . We are aware of the respect and extreme care that is needed in moving into social reality that is crucial to understand before to help, without altering the balance of social and cultural populations that encounter. We started our business where we found situations of greater poverty and lack of all basic infrastructure. We are engaged in construction of public schools because we believe in the value of education as a tool of social redemption . To date, 1,200 children attending classes realized. Funding for the projects we guarantee it through the contribution of all our supporters and thanks to events of solidarity.

We strongly believe in the active involvement of those interested in the activities of the association with ideas and a desire to cooperate. Thank you in advance all those who will prove susceptible and participate in the implementation of projects with their contribution , aware that every little gesture contributes to the smile of many children . Contact : A better description you may have read the page about the association, by reading the status and history. But above all, by checking the plans and documents in other sections . For any other questions , please contact us.