By participating actively and directly to travel in Africa


You can make your contribution for the projects of participating as a volunteer at one of our trips to Africa. The reality in which we work is often difficult and it is extremely important that anyone who wants to participate has the awareness of the risks and difficulties that you may encounter.
It should first of all respect and extreme care in moving into cultural and social realities already fragile and threatened by the balance, which is important to understand before to help. We consider the first draft of our Association: "move without causing damage."
For this reason, before leaving, it is essential to be adequately trained, through special courses on different aspects such as:
- The methodology of approach to the problems in the poor countries of the world;
- The economic, the political environment;
- The prejudices and stereotypes of the most common language used in dealing with international problems;
- The equal dignity of cultures as a meeting ground;
- Cooperation instruments: reading dropped projects in the local community;
- Communication techniques, to listen to listen to: the helping relationship;
- Non-violence;
- The fair trade.
There are several institutions that carry out specific courses on these topics and in particular highlight the regions and centers Ciessevi (Centers for Voluntary Service) which are present in most of the Italian Provinces.
One of the principles of our Association is to allocate 100% of the funds raised in the actual help and then every socio-volunteer assumes all on their own travel expenses.

Working together to raise funds through the organization of events

The Association organizes fund-raising moments during the course of special events, fairs, festivals, etc.Puoi donate a bit 'of your free time and participate in these moments that are also used to introduce as many people as possible what we are achieving.
You can also put one of those moments when you feel to be able to organize, for example, at your parish, the community center or library that you frequent, your school or that of your children, and in general in a situation where you think a ' initiative of its kind to be useful and arouse interest.
The Association is able to expose a small photographic exhibition or project slides of the projects that are in progress and those already made, as well as the locations and populations of the countries in which it operates.
In order to propose a fundraiser, a photographic exhibition, a slide show or to offer some of your free time, send an e-mail to

By participating in the activities 

You can help the association by giving useful services such as the transport of goods, the supply of goods useful to the realization of the projects, the donation of space on the media, at businesses, etc..
If you think you can help in this regard, please contact us at our e-mail