Initially, our idea of ​​help and support in a direct and concrete these populations is achieved by all'autotassazione staff and a small number of friends. Now, due to the increased number of people who want to share these experiences with us, we decided to create the association "Friends of Africa", without altering in any way the our objectives and the spirit that moves us. Elena, Marcella and David along with some school children In fact, the cornerstone of our aid is to be allocated to those who need it 100% of the aid in question, without wasting resources in organized structures, offices, secretaries, etc ...
To avoid unnecessary postage, the supporters of our projects will not receive at home brochures or advertising material, but will have the opportunity to stay informed on the progress of the work, through our website and e-mail, to the following e-mail: amicidellafrica @ gmail.com as well as obvious, speaking directly with us.
We pointed out that our aid are brought into direct and concrete way because we provide without intermediaries to bring us, at no cost to the association, the place of execution of the projects. We invite anyone who wanted to support projects to participate in one of the ways specified in the help page.
We believe it is our duty to take care of those who are poor, those who are marginalized and who is weaker as children, the sick and the elderly. We travel in Africa for many years, in the poorest countries, such as Niger, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Togo, Benin, Malawi, trying to make our contribution with small aid projects where we find the situations of greater " poverty and degradation. "
We are aware of the respect and the extreme sensitivity that are needed in moving into social reality which is of fundamental importance to understand, even before help. The goal we have set ourselves is to help without altering the balance of cultural and social, already very delicate, the people we meet.